5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Immediate Repair for Your Cambridge Home

Water Heater RepairWe all want to enjoy taking a hot shower when we feel exshausted especially in cold nights. Imagine yourself coming home after a very stressful day from work and not to mention the traffic that you have to go through. All you’re looking forward to is to jump in your bathroom and enjoy that hot shower in your Cambridge home.

Then when you turn on your shower you notice that your water heater isn’t heating. That is very frustrating isn’t it? What would you do? Well one thing is for sure, you need water heater repair in Cambridge, MA. Not the perfect timing given your situation but what choice do you have?

Who would want to be in that situation? Let me give you some tips so you are always aware that your water heater is showing signs that it’s wearing down and you really have to contact your licensed local Cambridge plumber before it’s too late.

  • There is No Hot Water – In most cases water in an electric water heater is heated by two heating elements . Commnly, the reason for not having hot water is that when the circuit breaker is broken. If it isn’t then probably the heating elements need replacement because they have failed already. Third, it may be because of the limit/reset switch is on the thermostat. It may a replacement already since water sometiimes becomes very hot.
  • Making Strange Noises – If you hear noises coming from your water heater such as popping, hissing, banging or other strange sounds, most probably it’s because of the scale build-up on your heating elements or may be too much sediment build-up in the tank. Sometimes it could also be the normal expanding of the pipes or too much pressure.
  • Murky or Rusty Water – When water is rusty it is a sign of corrosion of the anode rod or also tank itself. This is critical because if you don’t get your water heater fixed it will most likely need replacing. However if the water is just discolored or murky it may be because of scale build-up located on the heating elements or sediment that’s going through the hot water outlet.
  • Smelly Hot Water – Normally, if the hot water that comes out of your shower has an unpleasant odor it is because of the bacteria in the tank. If your residence is using well water the more that the water will be susceptible with a foul odor. You may increase the leve of heat to kill the bacteria.
  • Takes Very Long to Reheat –  On an average, the recovery time of an electric water heater is double that of a comparable gas model. However, if it’s taking longer than the usual time for the water to recover, there might be a problem with the heating elements or thermostat.

So, if you see these five problems in your water heater don’t waste time and call a reliable plumber now. No need to look further, you only need to contact Plumbers 911 at (877) 751-2934. You’ll definetly get the service of a professional Cambridge MA plumber to help you get the job done!

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Remedies For A Clogged Drain In Your Coconut Creek Home

clogged drain coconut creekClogs are common plumbing problems every home or business owner experiences. They are caused by several factors such as a poor pressure in the system, the presence of foreign objects or the accumulation of hard water sediments, food wastes, hair and even soap scum in the pipes. And while we can always install traps or screens to prevent solid particles from creating nasty blockages, there will still be a time when problems will still arise. Luckily, clearing clogs isn’t so daunting at all. Check out this informative article to get tips!

Clear Any Clogged Drain in Broward County

And so according to the write-up, there are a number of tools and supplies that you can use to eradicate clogs. These include your good old reliable plunger, plumbing snake and even cooking ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar. Now we have all heard the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” And I agree. It is better to prevent clogs than to find yourself caught in an annoying situation. Here are some tips on how you can avoid blockages in your system.

It is imperative to clean your drains from time to time to avoid clogging. Make a habit of removing hair and mineral build up to avoid accumulation and clogging in the future. Another tip is to avoid putting anything on the drain that may cause some clogging. Kitchen drains are more prone to clogs as we normally put small pieces of vegetables, meat, and nuts among others. Use drains as much as possible.

I hope that you now know what to do with a clogged drain in Coconut Creek. Also, read about the common causes of clogged drains to prevent such issues in the future. And if you need professional plumbing assistance, don’t hesitate to get the services of a professional Coconut Creek plumber for immediate and efficient service.

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