Do-it-Yourself Toilet Installation in Liberty, TX

DIY toilet installation in LibertySo you eventually decided to redesign that old bathroom of yours. Great job! However, the finances are holding you back. Why not DIY some of the fixtures on your own? You’ll surely cut back a few hundred dollars along the way. Here’s a suggestion: you can do toilet installation in Liberty on your own. Oh yes, you can!

Whoever said that toilet installation is difficult is out of his mind! You are going to do these 5 easy steps:

Make sure you turn off your water supply before you start. Then, remove your toilet tank’s lid and flush everything. Dry up the insides of the tank with a sponge.

With an open ended plumber wrench, take away the toilet’s caps and nuts. Now, you can’t prevent cracking of rusty nuts so ensure that you have a few replacements in handy.

Detach the toilet supply from the toilet stop. This may need a few shifting forwards and backwards. Use a rag to stuff the drain opening. It will prevent sewer gases from getting into your bathroom. Then, remove the old wax from the flange. If the flange is damaged, you will have to replace it right away.

Now, put the new toilet bolts in the flange. Take off the rag from the toilet drain and apply wax seal on the flange.

Lastly, attach the tank to the bowl set. Secure the tank by tightening up the bolts but be extra cautious not to go too far and break the porcelain.

See how effortless it is? But if you still haven’t got time for this quick DIY task, let a licensed Liberty plumber do it for you. Contact Plumbers 911 Texas at (409) 237-3137 to ask for a free quote and to schedule a visit.